Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wannabe Digital

I SO love the layouts in CK & SS with digital layouts. And on 2 peas....such cool effects & layers. I WANT TO BE ONE! Enough that 6 months ago I spent too much on Photoshop & all sorts of digi kits. Well, I HAVE to do it...and tonight I made a page that I really do like. I might even print the thing! PLEASE tell me what you think...good/bad? Remember I am a newbie to this!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Two Funky Flowery Cards

Just finished these up. Used diluted reinker, heat embossing & dimensionals to make them busy & messy.

Let it snow...

Uh, sorta. Hear about the big blizzard Colorado supposidly had? Well, not us. Whatever snow we got was gone by mid day yesterday & the kids were running around in short sleeves. I know some parts of Co got lots of snow. But by no means a "blizzard". Geesh...you'd think we'd been clobbered by the way the news portrayed it.

But....here is my November hostess layout that is isnpired by snow. And a card with a template challenge from CTMH board.

Monday, October 23, 2006

2 Peas Monday

Ok...here is the thought...
If you could only get one thing for Christmas, scrapbooking related, what would it be???
Here is my answer:
A murphy bed. Really...it is scrapbook related because I need the king bed in my scrapbook/guest room to fold up so I have more room! If not that...then a desk...a really long L shaped desk with built in cabinets, drawers, lots of little drawers to hold all my stuff.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Snow on the Roses

Last week I took these photos of the roses out back. It had snowed a little, but also rained. The rain & snow froze on the pretty rose petals & I had to capture this moment. The kids even were in awe of the sight.

Angelina Fiber Cards

My fun & exciting & super friendly co hort with CTMH brought over her angelina fibers for our crop yesterday. She swapped me fibers for paper so I could play with some of them. They are these fine fibers that you heat with an iron to melt/bond them into an image. Very cool. Since they are so sparkly it's hard to capture the real image...but here is what I got. There are all different colors. I will try some other colors & color combos later just for fun.

A few other cards & etc.

Here are a few other things I made recently. I need to check the publication lists to see what the mags are really looking for & start submitting again....Hmm. But the rejection is so hard :).

Lazy Sunday

Yawn....it's been one of those Sundays where you just can't quite get going. So I gave in & took a long nap. Now I am sure to be up all night, but that's ok...the nap was well worth it!

Yesterday I made these items for my own color challenge. Colors are cranberry, Indian Corn Blue, Sunflower & Olive. I used some of our new Just Blooms & this funky red ribbon from Target I found on clearance. These will make good generic bday cards.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday 2peas blogger

challenge: Do you have any fall traditions? share them with us

Fall traditions....in our house they include 4 birthdays, growing pumpkins (which we have 5 lovelies this year!), visiting the corn maze (http://www.andersonfarms.com/), usually (for the past 4 years) we have hosted a big halloween party at our house for kids & parents. But....due to the fact that I have over extended myself this year with girl scouts, being room mom, etc. I have decided not to host it (still feeling a bit guilty too). We'll go trick or treating & then the kids will want to come home because it's always really cold out here on that night.

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Color challenge

Want to join? I do it on the CTMH art board...for fun. No rules...just colors. This weekends 3 Color Combo is Hollyhock, Sweet Leaf & Lilac Mist. Fun & bright....a break from the traditional fall or holiday cards we're all into right now. Some of these do not have stamping...just paper & accents.

2 Peas Friday Challenge

Challenge: Describe your favorite Thanksgiving gathering. What made it special to you? My favorite family Thanksgiving was actually the week before Thanksgiving...we (immediate family) went to Puerto Vallarta for a week. Flew home on Thanksgiving Day. No cooking, no family, no worrying about the darn turkey. Nothing. It was quite possibly the BEST family & BEST holiday time our family spent together. People in PV are so nice, treat you well & the food is fantastic. So...in the future I would even like to go to a tropical place for Christmas & New Years. Once the kids are past the Santa phase I'll make sure we do that. My second favorite was last year, my FIL was very, very ill & we managed to get my in laws together at our home for a real nice meal. Lots of food, lots of family & lots of love. It is sad looking back, we had been told just before Thanksgiving he had 3 months to live, turned out to be 3 weeks. So that was a blessing to actually get all of us together & celebrate things we are gratefull & thankfull for.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Layoyts from Base Pages

These are pix of the layouts I made (lifted from one of my DL's and another CTMH consultant). It's one base page kit & one level 2 kit. SUPER easy...SUPER cute...SUPER cheap! I really liked the way it turned out. Now, why on earth would you want 12 of the same page/stamp? Well...what about a swap? You make one set in bamboo & a flower stamp set, swap with three other people who do different colors/stamps/papers. You have an ALBUM! If you want a template/directions come to my all day crop & I'll share! Make sure to preorder the items you need incase you want to make this! Blogger will only let me put four on here, I will try a loop later.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Card Crazy`

Well..I said I was card crazy lately. I decided to host or start a CHALLENGE with other consultants for COLORS from the color combo guide. Here are few...odd colors I know...but...thinking outside our comfort zone & having a creative blast!

Late night layout

Well, decided I needed to scrapbook...I have been in a card frenzy lately...but need to scrapbook & get caught back up again. I am one of those...those who usually are up to date with her layouts. Tonight I did photos from June/July...so 3-4 months behind. UGH! Here is a layout with the BUILDING BLOCKS paper from CTMH & the dimensional alphabet & NEW ribbon slides. I painted them vs ink...and am NOT 100% done. I think I need different ribbon for the slides & soem truck or car stamps for my demolition page. Anyone have the trucks I can borrow??? :) Took me 1 1/2 hours to do these pages...should have been faster but had to wait for the paint to dry! How long does it take you to scrapbook a layout? I used CHERISH tonight for both layout inspirations. They fit pretty well...I did have to adjust the DEMO one to fit my photos...which was easy enough to do. Now it's almost MONDAY & I need to get some sleep...but don't want to...I need to post pix of my 12 pages from 1 level 1 kit & BASE PAGE layouts! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!