Thursday, September 28, 2006

Friday Blogger Challenge

Challenge: You are at the magazine stand, what three magazines are you going to purchase?
Considering I just did this last night....I got an answer!
1-Card Creations 4
2-Simple Life

Now...I only bought #1, but if I had more money I would have gotten the 2nd & 3rd!

Some new suits

Here are just a adult
& just the most adorable kids suits ever! I own a tanning salon & have just now started looking at suits for 2007...should have done it months ago...I am they are: The first one is a black brushed cotton with a skull & crossbones in rhinestones...super fun & sexy. Then...look at those CUTE pirate suits for kids (and adults) and then the last one...kinda a olive zebra print with pink accents...very fun!

Swimwear in Fall?!?!

Seems hard to think about swimwear in September/October that I will sell in Feb/March/April of 2007...but it's that time again. Today I go look at the line if suits for '07 from Point & Kechika...hope there are some new & Funky patterns. Plus more plus size tops for those who need the extra room up top. It is a good way to bring a little sun to a cool fall day I guess...I will look at the suits & pretend I am on the beach having a daquiri!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2 Peas Challenge Blog

Complete this sentence. I have numerous passions in my life. They are ______,_________ and __________. Elaborate if you wanna

******I don't do them....usually...but here goes....

I have numerous passions in my life. They are stamping & scrapbooking (how else can I save my memories & my life to pass down to future generations?), my family (they motivate me, they inspire me, they wear me out, they energize me).

A few other things....they are....reading (just picked up this habit), tivo (such an uhealthy passion...but tivo has revolutionized my tv watching...I can fast forward through ALL commercials!).


Sheeesh..either it was me or it was blogger...or BOTH...but my photos wouldn't load, my posts would not update..but finally it's complete. I MADE that digital blog topper...on my own...yay to me. my braggin tag book back on here.

Braggin Tag

This little brag book is the 4x7 Braggin tag book from CTMH & The Simple Pleasures level 2 paper!

Us GIRLS! The boutique alphabet how each letter has it's own background. Some stripes, some dots, some small flowers...all unique! And the stickease easy to use!

My Boys! I used three layers of the stamped image & the stickease alphabets (so cute!)

A few pages from the braggin tag book.

On the cover I stamped with the Boutique alphabet set on the STICK STOCK Twill...very cool texture!

Friday, September 22, 2006

All Day Crop's approaching....the all day crop! Well, almost all day...from noon - 10pm...that's long enough right? I posted the Braggin' Tags mini album that would be a great project to work on that day & hopefully soon will have a 16 page base page layout project up. THis uses one level 1 kit & one set of base pages....makes 16 FULL PAGES! Yikes...that's like a whole album in one day! Remember to organize your photos & papers, embellishments into kits to get you prepared for the day! Email me or call me with more questions!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Game Day...or Weekend for that matter

Well, we went all the way to LA for the USC/NU game. And it was a GREAT weekend. One of the better game weekends I have been a part of. SO much fun, lots of RED, friends from home. We stayed at the Westin which has AMAZING comfy! And the beach was there too, drove out to see it twice...wish the kids could have gone. Only thing missing was a big red win. Next time...we'll kick butt then!


WHOOHOOOO! Can you believe it? I have taken a place in an artowrk contest. Not runner up can see it here:

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Yes, we made it a long, long time before our kids had to have urgent visits to the Dr's office. Emma was 8 1/2, Carson....well...he didn't make it so far. This is what happens when we say "it's all fun & games till someone gets hurt" and this time, Carson got hurt.

He was enjoying himself just fine, reading a magazine until the Dr came in & ruined his life with four stitches!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

September Hostess Page

This month we are doing glossy cardstock...using soot to bring out our image. No ink, just glossy card & a stamp. Very spooky! Hope you like it. I had a lot of fun making this one.

I LOVE This stamp set. I think those roundish things are guitar picks...maybe. And the starburst shapes with four different sizes, and the can't go wrong. This is the new color Twilight (like a dusty teal) which I also really like! I stamped the PARTY card on white textured cardstock (new this fall to CTMH) and that was a cool texture.

Bottle Caps

I lost this stamp set. Well, I didn't know that I lost it...but when I discovered it in a hidden place...I was pleased to have found it. This stamp set is just so cute & simple. There are bottle caps & things to go inside them...very cute.

Figured It Out

Ok...I think I have this figured out now. I can add photos a bit easier than I thought & keep them consistent sized. Here are the beach layouts that I was going to post for someone. The one one here I won runner up with in a contest.

THis one...with the girl...didn't win...but I still really like it. I used sculpting foam on the bottom for "footprints" in the sand.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Fall is in The Air

Can you feel it? I can. It's so cool here....and supposed to be colder tomorrow. There has actually been SNOW In the hills! The kids are antsy as a result. They can sense that their roam free outside time is coming to an end. Driving me CRAZY!
Here is a fall card to celebrate. I used the "old" background & texture paper to stamp OVER and used a different color combo than ususal for fall

It's a Party

I LOVE THIS STAMP SET! I cut it...another perk of acryllix stamps...I used my xacto...should have used a SHARP new blade...lesson learned.'s the only way (besides using markers) to get each ring of dots a different color.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting worked are more...lots more...
These are for a DW 2006 challenge on 2 peas. Using a "monogram" which I chose the SOLO e from Close To My Heart to use. And the new stamp set "It's A Party"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Day one

Here goes...another blog. But...I must have somewhere to show my artwork & all to YOU!