Wednesday, August 01, 2007

two cards & shrunken creative clip

I made two funky cards tonight. The colors are unique....and bold..but I kinda like em! I started off the whole evening trying to do something with the creative clips...and used pigment inks to color. Well, had to dry them with my heat gun & didn't pay close enough attention & it shrunk!


Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

I guess I can see my birthday card before I get it in the mail!

clhenry99 said... you love Library card?? i almost bought it the other day and did not..wondering if it will be a regret@

Erica said...

I do love it...I am going to use it on all my kids birthday in vites...stick it in a pocket on the front or something. I think I might do a girls night out, reminder card for hostess nights,etc...that they can pull out & put on calendar.