Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Pages..

One down....many to go right? I am doing digital for a bit to get caught up. With working m-f (ugh) I simply cannot take the time to do traditional scrapbooking right now. I have to be at work...but when it's slow @ work..I can still scrapbook. No mess to clean up, no papers & embellisments to sort through. I even found a local print shop that will print 12x12 pages for less than $3! Nice! I have yet to BUY any digi stuff either...just take the freebies where & when I can find them. This one is from jessica sprague....a template & you just insert your photos. How easy is that?

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Kelleigh said...

Yay!! Another CTMH/Digital gal!! I found your blog a LONG time ago via the CTMH bulletin boards (I lift ideas from blogs all the time) but haven't visited in a while. Imagine my PLEASURE at finding another CTMH consultant who does digital!! I thought I was being so . . . taboo!!

Check out my blog for my hybrid projects using CTMH fun stuff! I took a Jessica Sprague's class in October, so that is when my digi stuff beings.

I'll be lurking on your blog more often!!