Thursday, June 18, 2009

i really have been creating...

can you believe she's going to middle school? not me!

i love this tinkerin' paper...can really use it for anything!

rub ons on the border.

used a felt frame....really like this page.

detail....felt, hemp, dimensional strip....

simply crankin pages out....not my fav...but it works

another detail....of stacked borders.

went out of the box here....and am pleased!

just didn't have time to here are pages...i am finally taking photos again & now have pages!! does anyone else do this....i have photos from winter....and then none from spring. i skipped right over it & went to summer! kinda sad....but ya least i take photos right? i was wondering some people NOT photograph life? if they have kids? how friggin sad is that!

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Jeanne said...

Yes, you REALLY have been creating! Thanks for sharing these great layouts and close-ups of the details.

I can't imagine not taking photos of the kids and their adventures. But I guess some people might not feel like they can take a decent photo. It is sad, though, to not have visual reminders of life.

Carrie said...

Your work is beautiful!

itsabrt said...

Seriously Erica these layout are so freaking awesome! BR-T