Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Got creative w/ acryllic shapes & linen in cuttlebug! With some paint too!

PAINTED the } here.
dry embossed the { and the linen background. I then painted the { with brown paint, wiped off what wasn't in the dot recessed area...then painted yellow!

Painted brown, then wiped off...then painted orange, the brown didn't pop too much so i hit the top w/ stazon brown...LOVE IT! See the dry embossed swirly's?

So...have TONS of these little acryllic shapes (hearts, flowers, birds, etc) and they are so blah...so i painted them, dry embossed in cuttlebug...painted some more, etc. AND LOVED IT! Then I found a sheet of sticky backed linen...which looked so sad next to the painted & embossed stuff....so I did it to the linen...and it worked....well, i didn't paint it but might tomorrow!

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Krista Ritskes said...

What a fabulous idea! What plate sandwich did you use?

itsabrt said...

Erica these are amazing I agree those clear embellishments needed something and boy is this something! Wow! I also just love how you added the edge anchors on the heart! Beth aka BR-T

Jena said...

Wow, your cards are always so fabulous! I especially love the heart one - every little detail is just awesome - TFS!

Mare said...

Finally, I'm in! :) So you ran the acrylic shapes through the Cbug, too? Wow, never thought of that!!! I'll have to try that!!! And our old Stick Stock linen went through, too? I'm thinking I need to stock up on that since it's going to be discontinued. Love that stuff! Thanks for the cool ideas. I do wish we were closer to inspire each other. How about coming and visiting your sister and me??????