Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun craft for the kids..magnetic acorn shells!

isn't this cute? you take acorn tops...color them w/ waterbased markers (crayola!)...LOTs of color....and then fill in with white glue (Elmers). Let it dry...takes a few days...and VOILA...that is what happens! Aren't they cool? We made alot of them & made magnets!post signature


Sheila Bennett said...

Very cute! Those colors are so vivid - hard to believe a regular water-based marker will leave such a great color. Maybe the top-coat of glue helps with the richness of the color??

Jeanne said...

This is WAY cool! I don't know where to get acorns (I'll bet you have a ton around there somewhere), but if I had a stash of them, we'd be trying this!

itsabrt said...

Erica these are amazing talk about eye candy! Beth