Saturday, November 20, 2010

Making Spirits Bright

LOVE LOVE LOVE these snowflakes...each one is unique...and so fun when they're BRIGHT!post signature


Betsy said...

I really like the colorful snowflake! If it had only been described to me I wouldn't have ever guessed I would like it.. nice job!

Mare said...

Dang you!!! One of the FEW sets I don't have and now I need it!!! What a fabulous card, seriously!!!! I sooo wish I had gotten that set.

I posted on Jeanette's blog about what I was thankful for. I doubt I will be chosen, I never am because I am not high profile in the company and I'm not new enough to encourage. LOL But IF by some miraculous chance I did get picked, that is one of the sets I'll get!!!! :)

Gotta love, love your colors and creative use of those snowflakes!!!!