Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday with the littles

Apparently I post too much stuff on Facebook. Really?!? I thinks life is just more entertaining than those who say that. But oh well. I suppose I can just start blogging again.

Did you know I do daycare with lite kids for my real job? I have kids from 6 months-7 years old. We do alot of fun crafts and a activities. I'm gonna share them here.

I also sell close to my heart stamping and scrapbooking supplies. Although I'm about done. I still love and mostly use their products. I'll be sharing more of that too.

And my last "job" is making jewelry. I sell online at etsy (sable221) and at. Boutique in town. I have a Facebook page for it too. I'll link later.

So-first I'll share today's little craft. I cut snowflake templates for them and taped them to some craft paper. Pulled out some old inks and stamps. They could use the stamps or fingers ( which of course was more fun) to cover the empty spots. Voila a stamped snow flake!

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