Friday, January 25, 2013

Scrapbook Kits…from Capture…

Our local scrapbook store has a small company called “Capture” that sells layout kits they make up. Anywhere from 1-4 page layouts.  My son has baseball training right across the street from their store so I figured it was meant to be….that I would go try out a few kits one night.  So I packed up a small amount of tools (they are all precut!) and a few photos and headed off. They have quite a few kits that range from holidays to everyday themes.  I spent $27 (one kit was on sale) and did 6 complete pages!  Would I go again…yes…but probably just to do kits on sale or something like that.  I have a plan when I scrapbook…to get stuff done!  There were other ladies there but they just chatted…for 2 hours!  I was there to work!!  Winking smileSo I did two kits…just random that they seem to match each other.

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