Friday, October 13, 2006

2 Peas Friday Challenge

Challenge: Describe your favorite Thanksgiving gathering. What made it special to you? My favorite family Thanksgiving was actually the week before Thanksgiving...we (immediate family) went to Puerto Vallarta for a week. Flew home on Thanksgiving Day. No cooking, no family, no worrying about the darn turkey. Nothing. It was quite possibly the BEST family & BEST holiday time our family spent together. People in PV are so nice, treat you well & the food is fantastic. the future I would even like to go to a tropical place for Christmas & New Years. Once the kids are past the Santa phase I'll make sure we do that. My second favorite was last year, my FIL was very, very ill & we managed to get my in laws together at our home for a real nice meal. Lots of food, lots of family & lots of love. It is sad looking back, we had been told just before Thanksgiving he had 3 months to live, turned out to be 3 weeks. So that was a blessing to actually get all of us together & celebrate things we are gratefull & thankfull for.

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