Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How to watermark???

Do you need a copywright or just your name? What it does is protect your art from being stolen or claimed by another. So just my name or a slogan/logo should be fine eh?

I guess from what I make a watermark. save it as a black/white image. When you drag it onto your image to mark...that is where you change it to an emobssed & light do the trick. Why can't you have it transparent before?

I see it on all sorts of artwork images....and think I need one now. But, how do you make it? I found a tutorial & made one. But it appears you copy & paste it onto your image....and then lighten it...right? Why can't it just be lightened before? Or does it have to do with it being transparent once on the image? Who knows. Here is a pix of a plate I painted and a few watermarks I "made".

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Kelly Jo Ratcliff said...

I know the post is about watermarks, but I love the celebrate card- what color combo's did you use? Is that just the It's A Party set?