Wednesday, July 23, 2008

back to school?

Really? Did you know that mine start on aug 19th? that's not too far away! i am really ready....and not ready. i tend to like to sleep in...and well, school days ruin that. i also like to stay up late...and summers are good for that.

but & adults really do thrive on a routine don't they? and school is good for that, good for daily socializing, excercise, etc. and well...they learn while at school.

i have to admit...i bought workbooks for the kids to do this you know how many hours we've spent on them ??? ZERO! Not a damn minute! oh no! hope they don't get stupid over the summer! haha!

the summer heat has not been too hot it's been a nice summer!


Tiffany Johnson said...

I guess it's a Catch 22 having the little ones in school! I couldn't wait for mine to rush off to school until I read your post! I guess there's a lot of work involved with that in and of itself! No breaks for the mommies, huh?

Oh, and real summer breaks (the kind without workbooks) are good for the spirit! They'll get whipped into shape at school in no :)

Sanela Kubiak said...

I totaly know what you mean about school starting soon. We just moved and school here starts on Aug 11th. Anyway, I just nominated you on my blog. Please go there and check out the details.

Caitlin B. said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!! School starts Auguest 25th here, not really looking forward to it though!!


Tiffany Johnson said...

Oh, I forgot to mention! You've just received the Brilliant Weblog Award!!! Check back at my blog for the details!!!!

Mare said...

Let the kids play!!! As a teacher, I'd rather see my students do real life things in the summer: read, buy something at the store (on a budget so they have to plan), learn how to get to and from someplace using a map and a watch so they know how to plan time, visit places that open the world to them such as zoos, museums, roadtrips, libraries. You don't have to do workbooks!!! :) Just keep their brain alive with everyday normal stuff!