Saturday, May 01, 2010

Crop for the Cure...made a few cards...had a few laughs...

Today I went to a crop for the cure event...nice time...I took only my scraps...and got a few things done...but really..had more fun just sitting & chatting with some FANTASTIC ladies! This is way out of my norm...just messing around w/ grey!

Nothing fancy..but i think i like that anyways.

one of my fav's of the day.

Isn't this a FUN FUN Stamp set??

ok...this WAS my fav of the day...until i opened it...DARN IT TO HECK...I decorated it upside down! Opens on the LEFT!!!!!!

Tried to get a close up of the new GLITZ glitter's sorta liquid glass but with glitter in it!

then this was my fav!

can you see the butterfly wings ? they have the glitz on it too.


itsabrt said...

Wow you made all of those today you are a paper queen! I love the card wth the rainbow the best! Beth

itsabrt said...

Ps just save the backward card and send to someone next April 1st!

Jeanne said...

Fabulous cards! Glad you got so much done AND got to chat with your friends!

Oops on the card you created that opens the wrong way. Just cut it off and attach the front to a new card and no one will be the wiser. *Ü*

Eliza Brock said...

I still like the one that opens backwards! Thanks for coming to the crop, and donating the door prizes! Aislinn is so excited to come and tan :-)

dining tables said...

You have made these cards so beautiful while you are enjoying life! So fulfilling!