Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few congrats cards...for the local university..

Colors are green & gold...UCK! But they really don't look all that bad together. Plus my tanning salon is right accross from the I see the colors alot and am used to them. apparently w/ the close up pix I see how sloppy I am with liquid can't really see it in real life. flowers were WHITE>!>! and i misted them w/ maya mist & tattered angels stuff!
PIzzazz irresistibles...for the brackets!Same here...the brackets...kinda cool. They come white..and you can custom color them to match project!

Noted backgrounds lines....and the flower is from....cottage floral...if you don't have that stamp you're missing out!

Ok....SSSSSo....I LOVE THIS CARD! See the yellow frame thingy? ITS A DOOR! how flippin fun is that? THey come WHITE...and you can ink them, SPRAY THEM LIKE I DID! I am gonna try making my own 'mist' with ctmh reinkers tomorrow...and the doors are precut! They are cardstock so plenty sturdy. Peek a boo!

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Melissa Laverty said...

great cards!!! love the a-door- ables (is that what their called LOL)