Friday, April 25, 2008

2 peas ? Challenge~

Challenge~ What do you think about some of the latest trends in scrapping?


hmmmm...well I don't get to the LSS very often...but went a few weeks ago & loved the felt ribbon (although my lss has it set up WRONG!)....very fun...great retro colors & textures. I obviously sell Love them (although never like the winter book...but LOVE the spring one). I really like the papers we (ctmh) have coming out next month...bright, I like some of the new doodlbug glitters (sugar things). With money being tighter...for everyone...I notice I am more frugal on buying. I use more solid cardstock, stamp a background, or use minimal patterned (cuz it's always more $$). I do think it's funny that things I used 10 years ago are "coming back". Like scalloped scissors!


jill said...

I love it when old is new again. Like punches! Pretty much stopped using them until the last 6 months or so.

Paper Bling said...

LOL! How funny Erica! I too LOVE my scallop scissors...just pulled them outta my little one's "play scrap drawer". I guess it's just like the trends in clothing styles...they all come back 'round! :)