Wednesday, April 16, 2008


what do you think of the daily quote? I kinda like it. I might start using them on cards or scrapbooking when needed.

i might also start using my blog for personal my sis. :)

let's was over 80 degrees yesterday & snowing today. damn colorado! i don't like the snow or cold anymore. cuz I am older now? cuz i have kids & they can't go out and play in it. ???

i ended my day yesterday with a 2 hour massage...the benefits of owning a can trade services. so it didn't cost me anything but a few tans. and my body felt it....with the fibromyalgia and the weather change & changing bulbs, doing body was sore anyhow. and the snow today makes me want to climb in bed & snuggle with the kids and sleep!

i don't work tomorrow so i am going to go get a pedicure i think! i sold extra stamps this month & have some change in my pocket!

and then friday we (family & jason) go to Nebraska for the spring game. if you don't know...don't ask. just know i am the worlds best wife & agree to drive 6 hours to watch a football practice wiht 80,000 other freaks.

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sparkplug17 said...

Sorry about the snow...and have fun on your trip. :) Glad you got a massage and a pedicure in first.

Love, Sparks