Friday, April 25, 2008

What to do on a Friday night?

Here are a few of my options:
1-sit here & continue to surf the www, watch Carson play wii Star Wars (kinda fun to watch)
2-go downstairs & stamp with new stuff
3-go downstairs & scrapbook
4-drive to loveland & have cousin show me how to sew from a pattern. i have sewn....but winged it. made this cute baby quilt from emma's baby clothes....but no rules. now i have these cute patterns for tote bags...and want to use the cute fabric....but darn it...can't figure out the pattern. duh. it's a 20 min drive, would pick brian up @ Daisy Dukes (don't ask if you can't figure it out..not a strip bar...just a bar)...on my way home. but do I wanna drive there & Home? Here is the stuff:

5-stay home, stamp/scrap/sit....and have mom come over & show me tomorrow & spend some quality time with her?

What shall I do???? My feet hurt, i smell funny (do you notice you sweat in certain clothes? i ones that are loose or tight in the arm pit @@)....cuz I sweated too much today & did spray tan. I THINK I SHALL STAY HOME!

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